Tuesday, May 18, 2021

News story - Learning at Work Week 2021

Cabot Embraces National Learning at Work Week ‘Made For Learning’ for the Third Year

Cabot kicked off Learning at Work week on 17th May with workshops on growth mindset and mindfulness. Before the week is out, there will be more sessions on the topics of managing change and effective communication in the remote world.

Mike Rustill, Cabot’s Head of Talent and Development said; “One of the learnings we are hoping to achieve this week is to challenge the way our colleagues think about themselves, how they interact with those around them and to encourage growth mindset behaviour.”

Cabot invests time with its colleagues to create experiences that are above those that they would receive as skills training for their everyday roles. This is key to demonstrating how much they care about their well-being and lends itself well to building and improving the culture of the company that is based on its core values. 

With the switch to many working from home during the pandemic and the improvement in technology across the company it has given Cabot a greater opportunity to reach a broader audience much faster. Mike told us: “We invested over 10,000 learning hours in April across all sites for a range of different requirements such as regulatory learning, supporting business development and maintenance of competence in specific roles. Without the use of technology, we would not have been able to reach so many colleagues or achieved as much in such a small space of time.”

Cabot invests in the training and development of all its colleagues and promotes a variety of different learning to suit people’s styles. This ranges from self-directed learning, coaching and mentoring, workshops using virtual technology and supporting accredited learning through external qualifications.

Other initiatives running this week that Cabot colleagues can get involved in include events on ‘How to Beat Zoom Fatigue’, ‘Building confidence at work’ and ‘The Agony Aunt Hour’ – talking about some of the main mental-health areas of concern right now.

The theme for this year’s National Learning at Work week follows on from previous themes, with the focus on sharing colleague learning journeys, our successful apprenticeship qualification programme and resources to help colleagues positively manage mental health.