Monday, September 23, 2019

Cabot Financial Launches New Graduate Programme

23 September 2019 – Cabot Financial, the UK debt purchase arm of the Cabot Credit Management group, has launched a new graduate analytics programme which will commence today with four new recruits.

The programme, aimed at those seeking a long term career in analytics, is set to run for two years and the graduates will get the opportunity to work in four of the twelve areas of the analytics business including pricing, insight analytics, decision science and portfolio implementation. Each will have their own journey through the business to suit their own personal goals.

Sean Callow, Director of UK Analytics, Cabot Financial, said: “We are delighted to find four excellent graduates to launch our analytics programme. The aim is for us to develop their talents through the business and mould their skillset to meet our business needs and their own career goals. The advantage of working with us is that they will get exposure to a wide breadth of opportunities and will have the chance to interact with a variety of staff including those in our executive team.”

Over 250 graduates applied from universities all over the country and 26 were put through a rigorous interview process and the four successful graduates are Ryan Davies, Kelly Cunningham, Sam Hanys and Oupkar Sandhu. As a business we will be attending a number of graduate fairs over the course of the year to entice further graduates to join our programme next year.


For further information, please contact:

Becky Cimelli PR Manager, Cabot Credit Management
Tel: +44 (0) 7780 495082
Email: [email protected]

Note to editors

Cabot Credit Management ( is one of the largest credit management services providers in Europe and the market leader in the UK and Ireland, based on expected future gross cash collections. Cabot provides a range of credit management services across a broad client base that includes some of the largest credit providers in Europe.  These services include debt servicing offerings such as early stage collections, business process outsourcing, contingent collections, trace services and litigation activities Cabot has credit management experience across a range of both credit providers (including consumer finance, telecommunications companies, retailers, utilities companies and government agencies) and asset classes (including secured consumer debt, small and medium‑sized enterprise debt, and high‑value accounts).

Between Cabot’s inception in 1998 to 30 June 2019, it has invested a combined total of £2.7 billion in the acquisition of over £27.6 billion in face value of purchased loan portfolios and has received £3.4 billion in cumulative collections from purchased loan portfolios. As at 31 June 2019, Cabot’s 120‑month estimated remaining collections was £2.7 billion, and Cabot’s 180-month estimated remaining collections was £3.1 billion.   

With 21 years of debt purchase and debt servicing experience, Cabot was one of the first companies to engage in the credit management services market in the United Kingdom. In March 2016, Cabot became the first large credit management service company in the United Kingdom to be authorised by the FCA, and in May 2017 Cabot became the first credit management service company in Ireland to be authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland. Cabot has won numerous industry accolades over the years including best law firm of the year and best vulnerable customer strategy provider at the credit awards held recently in London in May 2019.