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Cabot Financial

Debt purchase UK

Cabot Financial is a leader in financial services debt purchases in the UK.

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Debt Collection Agency

Wescot is a Debt Collection Agency and we’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Specialist in water utility services

Orbit works with some of the UK's largest water companies, helping to create tailor-made payment plans for thousands of people.

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Mortimer Clarke Solicitors

Consumer credit litigation

Mortimer Clarke Solicitors specialise in consumer credit debt recovery litigation, resolving disputes quickly and economically.

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Cabot Financial Ireland

Credit Management Services

Cabot Financial Ireland is Ireland’s market leading credit management company, providing debt purchase, contingency collections, and outsourcing services.

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Cabot Financial Spain

Debt collection agency Spain

Cabot Financial Spain is a leading Spanish credit management services business, providing services to several major Spanish banks.

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Cabot Financial France

Credit management services France

Cabot Financial France specialises in the acquisition of receivables, collection and management of customer receipts.

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Cabot Financial Portugal

Credit management services Portugal

Cabot Assets Portugal is an acquirer of portfolios mainly focused on unsecured consumer debt.