Our Customers

Our customers are extremely important to us at CCM, and we do our utmost to treat them fairly helping them towards a manageable, sustainable solution. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and ensure that they have a good experience during all their interactions with us.

All colleagues participated in developing our Customer Promise, representing our intent towards our customers.

We Promise our Customers:

Institute of Customer Service

In 2014, we became a member of the Institute of Customer Service in order to demonstrate our commitment to improving our customers’ experience.

Membership to the Institute of Customer Service demonstrates that we are serious about providing excellent service to our customers and ensures we are kept up to date with leading research findings and insight in to the latest customer service thinking.

We undertook a Customer Satisfaction Survey with the Institute of Customer Service and our Customer Satisfaction Index was 80%, which compares positively with many high street banks. As part of our customer survey, a word cloud was developed which shows which adjectives were used the most when customers described their most recent experience with CCM. The bigger the word the more times it was mentioned.

Institute of Customer Service