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Cabot Financial is one of the most respected debt purchase companies in the UK, servicing over 7 million customers who have outstanding credit commitments. Established in 1998, Cabot Financial is part of the Cabot Credit Management Group, Europe’s largest debt purchaser and a market leader in credit management services. Its services include debt purchasing, contingency collections, business process outsourcing, and litigation.

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Cabot Financial prides itself on its ethical values, customer service and high standards. The company is a founder member of the UK Debt Buyers & Sellers Group and a leading player in the Credit Services Association and the Consumer Credit Trade Association. In addition, Cabot Financial is a member of CAIS, Insight and Share, the credit bureaux closed user groups provided by Experian, Equifax and CallCredit respectively.

As part of Cabot Credit Management Group, Cabot Financial is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Cabot Financial operates to the highest regulatory standards and takes exceptional pride in the way it engages with all of its customers. The business employs over 1,350 staff at its offices in Kings Hill, Kent (headquarters); Telford; Worthing; Malton; Shrewsbury; and London.

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