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Leading debt servicer and purchaser in France

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Established in 2006, Cabot Financial France is one of the fastest-growing credit management players in the French market, with more than 100 active clients including the main banking networks.

Since its integration into the Cabot Credit Management Group in 2016, Cabot Financial France (formerly Nemo) has experienced an annual organic growth of more than 35% per annum. The company specialises in the purchase of receivables, in the management of customer receipts, and in the delivery of high-added-value services, through its advanced data-science capabilities. Cabot Financial France has offices in Lyon, Marseille and Paris.

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Cabot Financial France’s strong growth and business potential is based on its three key differentiation pillars: Technology / Data Science, Customer Experience, and Compliance. The company is following Cabot world-class standards in terms of compliance and customer journey, and has implemented the 2017 ECB guidelines on Non-Performing Loans for bank receivables.